About Us

Our Philosophy

With years of experience and education, we have designed our own play based curriculum that prepares children for the next phase of their education by developing life skills, independence and character traits to set them up for a lifetime of success! We fully believe the cliche that children are sponges and soak up information around them and we will provide a wide variety of information and activities that will encourage their creativity and curiosity. 

Nature Time

We  live in the beautiful state of Michigan and are beyond thankful for the amazing creatures and plant-life available to us. We are just across the street from the Rochester Park and visit often for playtime and exploration. We will bring nature into the center with us for sharing as well as deeper examination. Nature-based activities provide one of the best avenues for vocabulary building and creative expression. Check out the photos below for some of the ways nature enhances our program regularly.

What Makes Us Special

Walking distance from the park, we build outdoor time into our daily curriculum. Living in a time when recess is being shortened or even eliminated altogether, we want to show you how beneficial gross motor development in an outdoor setting is to the development of the whole child. Many skills are learned through outdoor time like problem-solving, taking turns, confidence and risk-taking. 

Rotating classrooms is another unique piece to our daily lives here NC3P. Imagine our whole building as one classroom and the individual rooms are our centers, found in a more traditional preschool classroom. We group children together and they learn independence by choosing the room they start in and then every 25 minutes we move to the next room. Throughout the morning your child will have visited our Drama Room for dramatic play, the Art Room for opened-ended art, the Jungle Gym or Outside for cooperative games and gross motor development then to our Science Center for STEAM exposure. There is opportunity throughout the day for free play as well as snacks.

Our program is multiage, 2 1/2 years to 5 years,  and  encourages character development as the older children learn patience with younger ones and take on leadership roles. The younger children learn from the older ones and we have less of the undesirable behavior you might find from a group of 8 three-year-olds being placed together. Teamwork is emphasized as we learn to respect our space and work together to care for it.

We do our best to accommodate all schedules and offer flexibility to our families.

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